Three Bedroom Detached Domestic Residence – Deal

Job Description: Steel structure, insulation, external envelope, drylining

Gross Development Value: £150,000

Contract Length: 4 months

Contractor Type: Specialist sub

We produced the steel framing of a new large house in Deal out of our HadFrame cold rolled steel sections, to join to an older building that was already on the site.

We worked on the steel structure (internal boarding), insulation, external envelope, and drylining for this property.

The framing encompassed three bedrooms and an ensuite, as well as a kitchen, walk-in fridge, comms room, study and dining room on the ground floor. 

We also constructed an atrium, which was used as a roof terrace, and a bridge walkway to join the two houses.

The structures safely and securely formed the basis of the new development.



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