Two-bedroom detached domestic residence

This two-bedroomed house in Chelmsford is one of the first houses in the UK to be built using the HadFrame system. The structure consisits of mainly cold-rolled light guage steel, with some hot rolled supports built in for stability. The panels for the house arrive with the structural openings already built in to them, saving time on site as no cutting is required. Service holes are also already punched into the frames to allow other trades to run cables/pipes etc with ease.

Once the frame of the house is complete, the external walls of the entire structure are boarded with Cement Particle board, with the joints being taped to aid the insulation of the property.

A polystyrene exterior is then applied to the exterior of the house, before brick slips are added to finish the overall look of the house.

Internally, the walls are plasterboarded with fireline plasterboard, with the frames being filled with Rockwool insulation to achieve U values as low as 0.14.


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